Friday, September 5, 2014

First Days of the New School Year!

Welcome to my first post to you all via my "Informanator" blog.  I have maintained this blog over the past few years to track what's happening with education, technology, and the various initiatives such as the Common Core.  This week's entry will include some Beginning of School read-a-loud books you could use to help kick off the year for your classes, another teacher resource from OSLIS for teaching students how to do research, and Oregon's Secretary of State, Kate Brown, is sponsoring a writing contest for K-12 students.

Start the School Year: Elementary Read-a-Louds
If you are like me, most of you probably already have some favorite read-a-louds for your elementary classes.  If you need some ideas, here is a link to Debbie Alvarez's blog, The Styling Librarian, as she reviews some of her favorite start-the-year books for elementary students.  She includes some books that can generate some thinking about dominating students and making friends, such as the Invisible Boy, by Trudy Ludwig, or sharing the excitement of beginning the new school year and reading in You're Finally Here!, by Melanie Watt.

More Information Literacy Resources - Oregon State Library Information System (OSLIS)

 Each of the research steps above contains teacher resources for planning and preparing students to understand the research process.  If your teachers select the appropriate "Elementary Educator" or "Secondary Educator," they can go to the "Learn to Research" link on the next page.  This will take them to this page:

For example, the first step, Define,  links to the following page that has teacher's resources listed at the bottom of the page (See "Teacher 6-12 Content"):

So your teachers can explore this website for further support on helping their students understand the research process!

If you or you staff have questions, please email, call, or text me on my mobile number (503-260-4822).

Writing Opportunity - Secretary of State Requests Submissions - Due Monday October 6, 2014

You can pass this opportunity on to your staffs:

The Secretary of State is requesting students’ writing samples for inclusion in the 2015-16 Oregon Blue Book. Secretary of State Kate Brown would like to engage Oregon’s elementary, middle and high school students with the following essay questions about Oregon:

For Elementary School students, (75-150 words): Why do you like living in Oregon?

For Middle School students, (100-200 words): Where is your favorite place to visit in Oregon, and why?

For High School student, (150-250 words): 
You have a friend who doesn't live in Oregon and is coming to visit. Write to them and tell them where you will be taking them and why.

Two or three writing samples from each category will be selected for publication in the 2015-16 Oregon Blue Book, due out in March 2015. Deadline to mail submissions is Monday, October 6, 2014.

Please include your name, grade, teacher’s name, and school’s name and address with your writing sample, and mail it to:

Editor, Oregon Blue Book
Oregon State Archives
800 Summer Street NE
Salem, OR 97310

I trust you each had a terrific week.  I was pleased to see the dedication and hard work you all are putting in to make the library such a special place for kids!  Thank you for all you're doing!

Have a Good Book, Idea, Or...?

I find that my best learning comes from other people who are doing the same thing, trying out new ideas and using them, figuring out what works, or not!  I want to use this blog as a forum to support you.  As you are working in your libraries and trying out different ideas, if you find a book, quote, or something useful that you think is worth sharing write me a note, and I can put it in the newsletter!

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