Friday, June 7, 2013

Identifying Patterns and Learning

Jason Silva and filmmaker/photographer Rob Whitworth created a brief minute-and-a-half video about what scientists are finding as a result of the growth of technology and networking.  Such as how people are beginning to see, in the makeup of the Internet, that it resembles the computer models of Dark Matter, which resembles the brain's basic architecture at the neuron level, all seeming to be intertwined, filamental structures.  They are beginning to recognize that human systems, as they become more efficient, are more closely resembling natural systems.  Much of learning is this networking, or "interconnectedness" that takes one concept and builds on it to develop another concept.

This presentation about networking reminded me of a comment by Steven Johnson, in his YouTube presentation entitled, "Where Good Ideas Come From," based on his book by the same name, where he talks about innovation and learning, noted that "Chance favors the connected mind." Very compelling and interesting!  (Jason Silva's delivery reminds me of Bill Nye.)

To Understand is to Perceive Patterns, By Jason Silva

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